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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scan Once Print Many?
An Analogue copier scans the original once for every copy made. Therefore 20 copies would require 20 scans. This can cause fluctuation levels of copy quality across multiple copies. Digital Copiers however scan the original once and the digital image is placed into memory. It is then printed out as many times as required. Digitals do not suffer from this as the original image is repeated from memory is used again and again to produce the required number of copies.
What is Duplex?
The copier has double sided output function, so both sides of the sheet are printed on simultaneously.
What is Sorting?
The copier sorts copies into sets. 10 originals copied 10 times using 'sort' would give 10 identical sets.
What is Grouping?
This is when copies are grouped together, where 10 originals, copied 10 times using group produce all page number 1s together, all page number 2s together etc.
What is Bypass tray?
This is the side tray on most machines. It allows the loading of heavier paper or card. It is also designed as a quick access tray to save stocking the main paper trays to load just a few different sheets of paper or card.
What is an RADF?
Automatic Document Feeder. Sheet feeder on top of the machine that allows several, usually up to 50 or 100 sheets, to be loaded and automatically fed in scanned and returned by the feeder.
What is LCC/LCT?
Large Capacity Cassette or Tray. Holds a larger amount of paper stock than a normal tray. 1000 to 3000 sheet LCC/LCT are common place depending upon model of machine.
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