Environmental Policies

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To become an environmentally advanced company has been Sharp’s core philosophy since 2004. For over a decade, the company has demonstrated these are not empty words.

Sharp was the first manufacturer to receive the EU Ecolabel for a TV set  and thanks to their energy-saving characteristics, nearly all Sharp copiers and multifunctional printers carry the respected Energy Star label.

In the past years, hundreds of Sharp products have received international awards for their outstanding eco-friendly design, demonstrating our commitment to producing environmentally friendly products which in turn enable us to achieve our aim of becoming an environmentally advanced company.

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The Ricoh Group’s sustainable environmental management focuses on four pillars: energy conservation and prevention of global warming, resource conservation and recycling, pollution prevention, and biodiversity conservation.

Vision -Pursuing the Ideal Society We need to reduce the environmental impact of mankind’s economic activities to a level that the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities can deal with.

The purpose of environmental conservation activities is to reduce environmental impact to a level that the Earth’s selfrecovery capabilities can deal with and sustain the global environment. The Ricoh Group, by considering how the relationship among the three Ps (planet, people, and Prosperity) in environmental, social, and economic activities has changed over time, defines the kind of society we should pursue and carries out its responsibility as a company to create such a society.

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“KYOCERA has been banging the ecological drum since Sting was knee-high to a South American grasshopper” said IT journalist Tim Danton back in 2002. In fact, we launched our first ECOSYS printer back in 1992 – the year of the first Earth Summit in Rio – and have been refining and improving the environmental performance of our products ever since.

In addition, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of both our own business operations and those of our supply chain and channel partner community. We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance and adopt a leadership role in our industry towards promoting more environmentally responsible and resource efficient business. You can find details of our environmental policy in the download bar to the right.

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Environment – Protecting the environment and supporting our customers

We design our products with the environment in mind and often include recycled materials. We minimise the energy that our products use when being operated, so customers save resources, and we anticipate how they can be remanufactured, re-used or recycled at the end of their life. By maximising resource efficiency, we reduce the amount of new natural resources we need in our products.

Recognising that two-thirds of product lifecycle CO2 emissions relate to customers’ use of products and the raw materials and parts produced by suppliers, we increasingly offer tailored services and solutions to help our customers operate more efficiently and effectively. This helps them reduce their own environmental impact while enjoying innovative, safe products and saving money. Find out more about our solutions and services.

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